FYNAL DIAGNOSIS SKIN CLINIC is a centre for excellence. We provide the perfect solution for all your clinical and aesthetic concerns.


FYNAL DIAGNOSIS SKIN CLINIC provide personal care services that include caring for the condition of people's hair, skin, and nails.

Hair Plantation

FYNAL DIAGNOSIS SKIN CLINIC Hair Transplant is a tricky process. Know everything that you must know before you opt for hair transplant.

Opening Hours

  • Mon - Sat
    10.30 AM - 02.00 PM
  • Mon - Sat
    05.30 PM - 08.00 PM
  • Sunday

Welcome to Fynal Diagnosis Skin Clinic & Hair Transplant

Dr. PK Singh

Ever since 2004, Fynal Diagnosis Skin Clinic in Singh Mansion 179/1 Purwa deendyal, ChanderPuri, Opp Dr Mahipal Clinic, Roorkee, Haridwar. (UK) has been one of the leading Dermatology, Cosmetology and Hair Plantation in Array.    Read More

Emergency Care

We provide immense services in drugs reaction vesicular disorder and bed sores.

Operation Theatre

we provide the facility of 2 Operation Theatre in a row two facilitate the services of cosmetology, hair transplantation regurley

Outdoor Checkup

We provide the services to the poor people in weird people & blind schools on second and third sunday of every month on the charitable bases.

Cancer Service

We provide the facilitate to diagnose the cancer of the scene by the immense tools and while face.